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Often in the property game you become your own brand. It’s great if you get your name on a corflute or your head on a bus shelter. This can give a name and face to the service and offer a sense of authority and responsibility.

I say it can. What happens when your high-school mate that you’re friends with on Facebook posts that picture from schoolies 10 years ago of you in your undies? He tags you and you don’t notice it, but others do.

This has been a problem for a while. The first solution is to use the Facebook security settings to alert you when you’re tagged in a photo. You can then approve it if it’s okay.

Another problem encountered on Facebook lately is promoted likes. These are similar to sponsored posts. What happens is, a friend of yours sees a post that says “you like example product or business”. The intended function is to promote and monetize the things you clicked like on to your friends. Well the problem is a visit to a Facebook product page can count as a like. If you clicked around to check out the competition it’s not impossible that your friends are seeing “you like your competitor”. You’ll never know.

Other solutions available now, like FashWash, can be helpful. The FashWash app scans posts and photos and warns you if it finds anything dodgy. Facebook’s new Graph Search may expose more of your dirty laundry, so now is a good time to do a wash.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun. If you want to remove certain images to keep your search results free from unprofessional pictures you can archive them first. Use a free service like Picknzip to download all your (and your friend’s) photos from Facebook.

It might be a good idea to look at using the new(ish) social network Path. This service is a lot like Facebook with a few small differences. The main point of difference is it’s not the goal to share with everyone and score the most friends. You can only connect with people whose email addresses you know. This prevents your content being seen by anyone who shouldn’t. You can connect your Facebook account to it and all your past posts will be copied over. So you can live an uncensored online social life and then share just the PG posts with everyone on Facebook.

It’s important to keep your digital appearance professional. But don’t stop being social with friends and having fun.

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